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Build your strategic and critical thinking skills by challenging your friend in Konane. The objective of the game is to make the last move! So, think before you act.

Konane is a traditional Hawaiian board game often likened to checkers or draughts but with unique strategies and rules. The game is played on a rectangular or square board with a grid of black and white stones; the layout can vary in size. The board is initially filled with alternating colors of stones.

The objective of Konane is for players to capture their opponent's pieces by jumping over them, similar to checkers, but with a key difference: jumps are made horizontally or vertically, not diagonally. A player wins by leaving the opponent with no possible moves.

Konane was more than just a pastime in ancient Hawaii; it was a game that required strategic thinking and foresight, often used to sharpen the mind. It was played by all levels of society, including chiefs, and was a part of many social and ceremonial gatherings. The game is a significant part of Hawaiian culture, reflecting the importance of strategy, planning, and competition in the Hawaiian society.


Konane Kit includes:

1x1 Papamu (Konane Board)

64 Stones (32 white, 32 black),

Rule Sheet