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Enjoy one of the oldest sports in the world, tug-of-war!


Build teamwork while working out the whole body!

Hukihuki, known as Hawaiian tug-of-war, is a traditional game from Hawaii that involves two teams competing in a test of strength and teamwork. The game is similar to the tug-of-war known globally, where each team pulls on opposite ends of a rope, attempting to drag the other team across a central line or marker.

In ancient Hawaii, Hukihuki was not just a physical contest but also had cultural significance. It was often part of festivals and gatherings and was used as a way to settle disputes or as a form of friendly competition between communities or rival groups. The game required not only physical strength but also coordination and teamwork, making it a popular and respected activity in Hawaiian society.

Hukihuki reflects the Hawaiian values of community, cooperation, and competition, and it remains a celebrated part of Hawaiian cultural heritage.



1 75' 3/4 diameter Manila Kaula with marked center and whipped ends.

Rule Sheet

Hukihuki Kaula