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Games and Rules

Discover the exciting world of Hawaiian games on our website! Here, you'll find easy-to-follow rules and fascinating cultural insights into traditional Hawaiian sports and activities.

From the strategy-based 'Konane' to the energetic 'Ulu Maika', we cover a variety of games, each with its unique charm. Perfect for educators, students, and anyone interested in Hawaiian culture, our site offers a simple yet comprehensive guide to these engaging, culturally rich games.

Join us to explore and celebrate Hawaii's vibrant heritage through play!

Official Rules


A hukihuki match is won by a team either by moving the rope the required distance as indicated by the flag markings or through disqualification. 

Pa Uma

A player who forces his/her opponent‘s off-balance or moves opponent stationary foot, wins the match. 

Moa Pahee

A player who scores more slides through two stakes, wins the match. 


A player who forces his/her opponent off balance or out of the competition ring wins the match. 


A player who crosses the finish line first, wins the match. 


A player who forces his/her opponent‘s wrist to touch the pad or floor wins the match. 

Ulu Maika

A player who scores more rolls between two stakes, wins the match


The player who makes the last move, wins 

O'o Ihe

A player who scores more points, wins the match. 

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